The Acrylic Painting Workshop is the ideal set for the child to learn to paint with the acrylic technique. Draw canvas paintings onto the wooden easel included and give life to the pre-printed designs. It is suitable for children who have their first experience with the acrylic technique, as it contains an illustrated detailed manual that guides the child step by step in their first contact with the technique. In addition, it is equally suitable for children who have already gained experience, as its rich content allows them to color pre-printed cardboards, to create their own works from scratch on white canvas using the stencils included, but also to further practice their imagination and talent in free design. The set includes: 1 wooden easel 36x20cm, 1 palette, 2 canvases (27x20cm, 1 pre-printed and 1 white), 4 cardboards in 2 sizes (3 pre-printed and 1 white), 10 acrylic colors (1 black, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue , 3 white), 2 different brushes and 3 sheets of stencils. AS Painting Workshops are a series of educational painting that help the child become a real painter. Among the Painting Workshops you will find many theme options to choose the one you like best and create wonderful designs. Both their rich painting content, as well as the plethora of useful tips and instructions included, will bring the child closer to the art of painting, helping them to cultivate their skills in the most fun way. The series contributes to the development of kids imagination and creativity, while practicing their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination when using brushes.