Draw countless designs wherever you are with the Travel Magic Scribbler Minnie. A canvas, a magic eraser and a magnetic pen with a string so that it does not get lost, give the child the opportunity to draw and erase countless times. So the fun has no limits!

The travel version of the Magic Scribbler is the best choice for the child’s occupation inside and outside the house, as they can carry it with them wherever they go and create along with their favorite Minnie. In the car, on the walk, at a friend’s house, or even at the restaurant with the family, the child remains creatively busy capturing scenes from the everyday life of their favorite Minnie, court shoes, bow and everything else they imagine!

Draw-erase with one move, and start all over again!

Ideal as a gift, as it helps to develop the child’s imagination and self-expression. In addition, you do not have to worry about the child, the house or the car getting dirty. It does not contain paints and therefore does not stain. What is the best? You no longer have to worry about imperfections on your paintings as you can erase and draw as many times as you want!