You have a busy day ahead of you, with school, training and a trip to the park in your free time. And to tackle it, you’ve put everything you need in the roomy double compartment of your new Seven Advanced Detach backpack: the backpack that becomes a backpack when you need it, simply by unzipping the front compartment. Everything is in its place: books and notebooks, tablet or PC in the dedicated internal compartment. The water bottle in the side pocket and even the change of clothes to put on after training. While your phone, earphones and diary are in the front pocket with organizer. And then you know that moving from one place to another is convenient: the shoulder straps and back are comfortable and the integrated bottom always keeps the load well balanced.

Dimensions: 43 x 32 x 24 cm (removable backpack: 43 x 32 x 8 cm); Capacity: 35 lt total (removable backpack: 16 lt)
Backrest: Preformed at contact points; Shoulder straps: Padded and covered in fabric and mesh, with anatomical shaping
Pockets: 1 internal pocket for PC / Tablet, 1 side mesh pocket for water bottle, 1 side pocket closed with zip and 1 detachable front pocket with zip with organizer for small accessories
Other features: Double compartment backpack with easy opening of the main compartment, bottom integrated into the back and front compartment of the backpack detachable to become a backpack with strap shoulder straps
Fabric: Polyester
The Seven Advanced Detach is your ally for your daily luggage, a product that combines functionality and style to offer maximum comfort and practicality. With its 35-liter capacity, two compartments and several pockets, the Seven Advanced Detach can hold everything you need for your day. The front compartment can be unhooked and becomes a stand-alone backpack, allowing you to carry your smaller items with ease. The pre-formed back and padded shoulder straps will help you carry your luggage with comfort, without fatigue and without tiredness. The modern design and high-quality fabric will make this backpack your daily travel companion.

  • The Seven Advanced Detach is the ideal backpack for your busy day, with two compartments that allow you to always have everything you need at hand, from your study book to your headphones for listening to music , and the front compartment can also be detached and becomes a separate backpack for your small items.
  • With the Seven Advanced Detach, you’ll never waste time looking for what you need, as everything has its place, and the organized pockets will help you stay organized, so you can focus on your tasks.
  • The Seven Advanced Detach offers 35 litres of capacity, with two compartments of 16 litres and 19 litres, and a large front pocket with organiser for your small items,organization and comfort, two key concepts for your daily luggage.
  • The Seven Advanced Detach not only offers effective organization, but also extreme comfort thanks to its padded shoulder straps and pre-formed back, which will help you carry your luggage with comfort, without fatigue and without tiredness .
  • This backpack is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, with a modern design and high-quality fabric,practicality and style, two fundamental aspects for a product that must accompany you in your daily life.