Rainbow Vision – the famous elite musical battle in which bands from the best art schools take part. Hundreds of candidates will show their talent!

This year, Shadow High is determined to beat the competition. Rainbow High has been winning for years. The competition is gaining momentum, and the ladies from Rainbow Divas have sunk their gazes into the main prize.

Meline Luxe fashion doll is dressed head to toe in a gold and beige gown. The diva creation is embellished with gold sequins and embellished with an organza frill.

The teenage girl costume consists of a short golden dress and sandals. Meline can throw a sumptuous faux fur coat over her shoulders to impress the Rainbow Vision judges even more.

Little Meline sang before she could talk, she was a star before she could walk. She has won every competition since she was 4 years old. The teenager is a great organizer and a born winner.

An attractive addition to the set is a fully functional suitcase for cosmetics on wheels. The open cabinet and drawers allow you to arrange fashion accessories inside the suitcase, e.g. a dryer and make-up brushes.