Draw, paint and create wherever you are with AS Art Case Minnie. Draw a sketch with your pencil and choose your favorite color from markers, color pencils or Minnie crayons and color it, making it look real.
The set includes 12 crayons, 12 markers, 6 color pencils, 1 ruler, 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, and all these in a wonderful case with your favorite heroines Minnie.
The Art Case of the AS Art Greco series is a case with painting accessories and different colors, which is transported comfortably and easily wherever the child goes, thanks to its practical size. Each Art Case is especially designed with favorite kids’ heroes, so that they feel that they are drawing with them. Ideal choice for a birthday gift but also for family vacations as it keeps the child creatively occupied and away from screens