About this item

  • COMPREHENSIVE LEARNING TOOL: Scribble & Write with Mr. Pencil offers a wide range of educational activities, teaching children how to form upper and lower case letters, numbers, shapes, and even early words, making it a valuable tool for developing foundational reading and writing skills.
  • PERSONALISED LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The new personalisation feature allows children to practice writing their own name, adding a sense of ownership and motivation to their learning journey.
  • ENHANCED READING AND SPELLING SKILLS: With the new Reading mode, children can use the stylus to uncover words and then run it along the sound it out bar to hear the letters read aloud, promoting reading comprehension and spelling skills.
  • ADAPTIVE DIFFICULTY LEVELS: The dynamic, levelled play automatically adjusts to each child’s abilities, ensuring that they are appropriately challenged and engaged, fostering continuous growth and progress.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The easy hold stylus and touch screen provide children with opportunities to develop their motor skills for good pencil control, while the instant and accurate feedback from the touch screen enhances learning and reinforces correct letter and shape formation.