Globber’s ULTIMUM is the first-ever 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids aged 5+, teens and adults equipped with Globber’s patented, adjustable steering angle control system. Thanks to the easy-to-use knob, you can easily modify the turning radius of the front wheels to suit your desired riding style. Turn the knob clockwise to decrease the turning radius (for smaller, tighter turning circles) and anti-clockwise to increase the turning radius (for bigger, softer turning circles).

Globber’s ULTIMUM 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids aged 5+, teens, and adults is a super-adjustable scooter with a curved 6-height adjustable T-bar, for maximum product usage for kids entering teenage years and beyond. Globber’s new designed dual-colour TPR handlebar grips deliver even more comfort and grip too!

ULTIMUM 3-wheel foldable kids scooter, supporting up to 100kg, comes with a super wide, anti-slip and dual-colour composite deck design with added side composite grips, for maximum grip and space to easily place both feet on the deck and safely ride for even longer! The extra-long and wide bi-injection integrated composite rear brake ensures safe braking too!

ULTIMUM 3-wheel scooter for kids aged 5+, teens, and adults is also a foldable scooter, thanks to Globber’s patented elliptic system. Simply push the button at the bottom of the column to put the 3-wheel scooter into trolley mode, to easily carry the scooter.

ULTIMUM is a big wheel scooter for kids aged 5+, teens, and adults thanks to its 125mm, 43mm wide front wheels for faster rides; the wide front wheels also guarantee more grip for safe rides.

Minimum Age: 5 Years+

Product Number: GLO612-120

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