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Top 5 Back to School Items and Why You Need to Order Now

While your children are enjoying their summer holidays and a well-deserved break from school, you might be thinking ahead for the next school year. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm! Here are the top reasons why you need to order school items now.


4 Reasons Why You Need to Order School Items Now


1. Avoid queues

If you’re a busy parent, you really don’t have time to waste waiting around in a queue. The weeks before school starts will be very busy with preparation. Don’t wait until the last minute, or you might find yourself stuck waiting in line instead of enjoying time with your children.


2. Avoid out of stock issues

Due to increased demand, some very popular items may go out of stock when demand is very high – just before school starts. Put your mind at rest and get your children’s school items beforehand.


3. Get a head start on labelling

We’ve all been there – you send your child to school with a pencil case full of pencils, pens, and erasers, but they come home with… one paperclip. Avoid these issues by labelling items with your child’s name. But don’t leave it until the night before school starts! Get your school items beforehand and you’ll have plenty of time for labelling.


4. Save time

Let’s face it, getting your hands on school supplies can be a total hassle. Why not let the specialists handle it? You can send in your list to Shop4All and they will handle it from A to Z.


Bonus: send us your list by the end of August and benefit from these great Back to School offers: spend €100 get a €20 voucher, spend €50 get a €5 voucher, and one lucky Back to School shopper will win a €50 voucher!*

*Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. Terms and conditions apply.


Stuck for ideas on what to get for your child’s back to school bonanza? Here’s our top five products to help jog your memory and help you prepare for September with no fuss, no hassle, and no problem.

Top 5 Back to School Items

1. This roomy backpack!

2. A lunchbox with multiple compartments!

3. An insulated lunch bag with enough room for extra snacks!

4. A pencil case perfect for young Juventus fans!

5. Coloured pencils in all the shades of the rainbow!


Not quite what you’re looking for? Have something else in mind? Check out our online store and see if there’s something else you prefer, and benefit from free shipping over €40 & €50 for Gozo. Happy school supply hunting!

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