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Easter presents for children

Kids get harder and harder to shop for as they grow up, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up and just give them money (or worse: clothes). At Shop4All, we have gifts that kids of all ages and interests can enjoy, and if you’re struggling to find something in particular, we’re always bringing in new stock that works for people. 


Here’s the latest and greatest pick of gifts for the little ones in your life this Easter. 


1 Pokemon Cards

Pokemon is having a big resurgence lately, with a new game coming out on Switch, a new TV show, and more yet to come – so getting Pokemon cards for the kid in your life who’s obsessed with catching them all is a no-brainer! This set features 24 packs for the Sword & Shield expansion, and can be the start of a beautiful collection. 


2 Globber Scooters

Having a tricycle or a scooter is a rite of passage as a child, and with Globber, you know you’re choosing a present that’s safe. Globber-branded helmets and scooters are adjustable, comfortable, and easy-to-use, and there are scooters that can graduate from a tricycle to a teen-sized scooter for the ultimate in hand-me-down presents. They’re especially excellent for the adventurous type, and come in a variety of colours and at various price-points. 


3 LOL Dolls

For a quick Easter present that’s sure to delight, the LOL Hairvibes dolls are created for kids who love surprises. Each doll comes with 3 real hair wigs in unique styles, as well as a secret message, plastic wig pieces, comb, fashion accessories, and an outfit, with a few other surprises thrown in for good measure! Collect them all, or stick with one: either way, a LOL doll is a great choice for a present that doesn’t break the budget. 


4 Lisciani Kids Love Monsters Laboratory

For the perpetually curious kid, this toy is a scientific experiment made fun! Complete with plastic containers, a reagent, manuals, and tools, your kid is going to love making their very first crystals, and growing them directly onto the monsters included in the kit. It’s entirely safe to play with, so don’t worry about your little one accidentally ingesting any of the reagent; just sit back, let them at it, and prepare to watch as your kid discovers the joy of science


5 Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

Kids grow up quickly these days, and technology is an ever-bigger part of their lives, but it doesn’t have to be technology that you need to keep an eye on! My Own Leaptop is educational, kid-friendly, and designed to teach early computer literacy as well as the alphabet and vocabulary – perfect for children who love everything to do with tech, but who have also accidentally purchased way too much stuff on the app store, or keep breaking the family laptop! 


6 Playdoh Town Fire Truck

Even adults love playdoh, and this town fire truck set makes it difficult not to love: with a big fire truck and many fire-house-shaped stamps, this play-doh set is designed to be used over and over again and forms part of Play-Doh town, the expanded play-doh universe created by Hasbro. 


7 Lego

Lego has been a cult classic kid-friendly toy for years, and if you have fond memories of using Lego to build your own toys as a kid, you can’t miss out on giving the same experiences to the children in your family (and, let’s be honest: some of the adults, too!). This set comes with a huge range of colourful building bricks, eyes, wheels, hinges, and windows and doors to create the designs provided in the manual – or to go wild with creativity!


8 Monopoly 

Who remembers playing Monopoly as a kid? Family game nights when you were little were an excellent way to bond with your family without having to leave the house – and we think they should still be on the agenda for children born in the age of tech. This edition of Monopoly has been upgraded for 2022 with all-new design that still mimics the classic. 


9 Uno Flip

This is an upgraded version of the game we all played as kids, featuring a double-sided deck, special FLIP cards, and tougher penalties. It’s imminently portable, making it perfect for long days spent at the beach or at relatives’ houses, and it’s the kind of game that both kids and adults can enjoy for hours on end. 


10 Playmobil Pony Farm

Be warned, this is probably going to kick off a Playmobil obsession! Fortunately, there’s a ton of Playmobil toys to collect, so you have all your events sorted from this day on. This one features three ponies with a stable and a pen and a lot of room for accessories. 


We know getting kids the right gift is confusing, so to make it even easier for you, we’re offering 10% off ALL our toy range for Easter with the code EASTER10 at Shop4All Birkirkara! Happy shopping!  

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